28 October 2010

a dam in Thailand

vasiralounggorn dam down the hand , originally be known that ,  , his keen dam , be stone dam fills first of Thailand , at pave the face with the reinforced concrete , be in on a little tributary river , be a dam A a bird purposes by have side objective produces the electric current is a principle , build obstruct a little tributary area Tumbol harbour jackfruit river , amphur cliff mountain gold not , reservoir Kanchanaburi is in amphur stomach cliff mountain jurisdiction not , and amphur vacates the city , Kanchanaburi , begin build in March 2522 finished in year 2527 a dam has million 8,860 cubic meter capacities , water quantity flows to reach a basin shares year vacate million 5,369 the cubic meter , set up 3 electric area generators liberate the water , 100,000 productivity kilowatt sizes , mobilize ( one's ) forces produce 300,000 the kilowatt , give the electric energy shares year vacate million 760 the kilowatt hour
Srinakharin dam , ( , the name originally , god novice in the Buddhist religion dam ) , be multi-purpose first dam of the project develops basin of a Meklong River river , establish , on tributary big river , house god novice in the Buddhist religion area , harbour board Tumbol , amphur The Secretariat of the Senate glory , Kanchanaburi , regard , dam 8 in 17 amounts , at the The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand , ( , the The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand is ) , establish for , be beneficial of all , including , help develop the life , the being of the civilian , and encourage to , the tourist attraction is beautiful be kind stone dam fills fat clay big axle most in Thailand , there is the height from 140 meter foundations , 610 dam long meter backs , wide 15 the meter , 419 reservoir square kilometre areas , there are many capacities are first are million 17,745 the cubic meter , the electric power station is reinforced concrete building , set up 5 electric amount generators 1-3 productivity vacates 120,000 kilowatt 4-5 s are electric system generator smokes to get back to , productivity vacates 180,000 the kilowatt , mobilize ( one's ) forces produce whole 720,000 the kilowatt , construction dam Srinakharin work , begin when , year 2516 finish in year 2523 Srinakharin dam is multi-purpose project , which , be beneficial in the sense all of , as follows , the irrigation helps to encourage irrigation system , Meklong River big project has the efficiency increasingly , by have , Meklong River dam of the Royal Irrigation Department is a headwork pumps up water can reach agricultural area all year is the area arrives at million 4,118 a farm , produce the electricity , can produce the electric energy has shared year vacate about million 1,250 the kilowatt hour , abate the inundation , canstore various waters come to in the rainy season have in a reservoir greatly , help , abate the inundation in basin of a river Meklong River border decrease , the communication by sea can use to is the sea lanes goes up still amphur gold cliff mountain area not , Kanchanaburi , and amphur a rural cottage , Uthai Thani , get smoothly and fast go up , push forward the brine can liberate the ebb tide pushes forward the brine not support to overstep come in do the damage to area area , Paknam Meklong River in the dry season , be a place breeds fresh-water fertile fish , help enhance the income gives with the civilian again the one way with , glory city dam regards the tourist attraction relaxes that beautiful again one in the Kanchanaburi , give both of the knowledge and the amusement old hundred thousands person come to tour year vacate are the amount more than a person , and cause way tourism growth widely , such as , a raft travels in a reservoir

dam throws , be earth dam , stay in amphur laughter group border , , amphur purple word , , amphur ( gum,rubber,tire market ) , Kalasin , stay far from the Kalasin about 36 a kilometer , dam throws to build finished when ,  , 2511 Buddhist Eras obstruct the waterway s throw and ( gum,rubber,tire ) brook that swamp two room house , cause twin reservoir of dam north , then get dig a rut believes in between bilateral basin , establish for abate the inundation and for the agriculture especially , dam throws to have the height from 33 water meter areas , 7.8 dam long kilometer backs , can store the water has million 1,430 the cubic meter , now , dam throws to are a place breeds the fish , there is recreational curl mind area , for example ,  , beach is Ompok bimaculatus , which , be compared as beach heaven of northeast person

Ubol Ratana Dam , be multi-purpose second dam of Thailand , which , establish next to Bhumipol Dam , and a dam produces energy water first electricity in the Northeastern , be in at Ubol Ratana Dam Tumbol , amphur Ubonrat , Khornkaen province , obstruct blistered branch office river of nun dam river is a stone fills fat clay axle , long 885 the meter , tall 32 the meter , 6 dam wide meter backs , a reservoir has million 2,263 cubic meter capacities , produce the electricity has million 55 the kilowatt - , hour
building dam originates to go up in the name of , water blistered project , when ,  , 2503 Buddhist Eras by receive the cooperation from special of the United Nations funds , perform a ceremony lay the foundation stone , when , date 10 May , 2507 Buddhist Eras manage to build finish in year , 2508 Buddhist Eras and because of , the area where build a dam , there is topography character is a river where flows through mountain bilateral pass , which , blistered river seem niped , villagers then call this dam that ,  , blistered dam nips , follow original name of this area
Chowphya Dam , be a dam pumps up water large-sized that establish to is first of Thailand , be in at bend of watercourse some hand area disturb , 3 Tumbol some groups are public , amphur entire is medicine , Chai Nat , His Majesty the King , and His Mrs.god majesty , Her Majesty the Queen the farm , get go the chairman opens Chowphya Dam when , date 7 February , 2500 Buddhist Chowphya Dam Eras have the character s are reinforced concrete dam , long 237.50 the meter , tall 16.5 the meter , set up 7.50 door iron picture curve tall meter panels , there is the channel lets off to give the water flows through 12.50 wide meter sizes , 16 amounts are channel , the water gate for a boat travels adjoin 14 right side wide meter dams , long 170.50 the meter , large-sized boat has can to change in and out , on dam back has 7 wide meter bridges , take weight car loads 20 not exceed a ton , and have the way lets off the water overflows the emergency build on itch to irrigate north Chowphya Dam left-hand , wide 10 the meter , long 1,000 the meter , for help let off the water when , be born the inundation , letting off water rate changes topmost dam about 3,300 the cubic meter builds [ wasp ] second , but , water abandonment will be controlling to give in 2,500 not exceed cubic meter levels builds [ wasp ] second , for not give affect build [ wasp ] low-lying low riverside Jaowpaya area , the scenery round beautiful dam , the period January in river north dam area has will covey of duck water birds counts ten thousands come to live earn one's living , this dam applies irrigation side , carrying water forward for the agriculture , by let off the water from a river in the North to middle part and the Gulf of Thailand , send the water goes to in cultivated part middle area reaches the canal late big totals up 5 late , be , a river is a little , Supanburi river , ( , Chinese harbour ) , tamarind old channel , gold cradle , Chainat channel - , the forest justs , and Chainat channel - , Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya , and still use produce the electricity for pay in a province

Julaporn dam , or ,  , water carpet dam , be in at field Tumbol wades stripes , amphur carries a substance , Chaiyaphum , obstruct carpet waterway on the mountain range feeds paddle , dam character is stone dam abandons , the axle is the fat clay , 700 dam long meter backs , the height from 70 meter foundations , be multi-purpose dam , apply in electric energy production , irrigation , and a place breeds the fresh-water fish , within the area has a lodging assures and a boat rent a hole see [ praise ] reservoir scenery

maehutsomeboonson dam  , be a dam where establish to follow the royal thought or idea of His Majesty the King , originally the name that ,  , mother dam forces open , be in on mother waterway forces open , Ping River branch , amphur melon mother , Chiang Mai , and still in in national glory Lanna park , for dam entrance is about 41 kilometer pillars s on 107 public number roads ( , late Chiangmai - , the lid is ) , turn to the right go to again about 11 a kilometer ,dam kind : , earth dam , (Earthfill Dam) , a dam : , build obstruct mother waterway forces open , at new house , bouquet Tumbol looks , amphur melon mother , Chiang Mai , dam character : , mother dam forces open to are earth dam fills , tall 59 the meter , long 1,950 the meter , a reservoir has 16 square kilometre areas , can store the water has million 26.5 topmost the cubic meter , water quantity flows to reach a dam shares year vacate 332 the cubic meter , set up the electric generator , productivity size vacates 4,500 the kilowatt , 2 amounts are , mobilize ( one's ) forces produce whole 9,000 the kilowatt , can produce the electric energy has year to vacate million 19 the kilowatt hourirrigation side , - , can send the water reaches the cultivated area has in project border about 30,000 a farm , and help send the water supports the area , cultivate of business intelligence dam , ( , elephant grass dam ) , Chiang Mai , mother old project , Lamphun , and the cultivated area by a dam of the civilian as well , total up the area 188,000 whole a farm , electric energy side , - , a dam has can to produce electricity hand about million 24.50 the kilowatt , a side something the fishry , - , be inland fisheries large-sized place , be source of food production , build the income to a person in the locality , tourism , - , mother dam forces open to are the tourist attraction again one of the Chiang Mai , suit old the tourism relaxes , water north dam basin has beautiful scenery , there is serve sit a raft , food shop
  Bhumipol Dam , be multi-purpose first dam in Thailand , the character is concrete picture curve dam , begin build when ,  , 2496 Buddhist Eras finish to perform a ceremony open when , date 17 May , 2507 Buddhist dam this Eras originally the name , Bhumipol Dam , His Majesty the King has given the royal style and title to dam name that ,  , Bhumipol Dam , when , date 25 July , 2500 Buddhist Bhumipol Dam Eras build to obstruct the waterway , at his glass area , amphur three is shade , Tak , there are 250 curvature meter radiuses , tall 154 the meter , long 486 the meter , the wideness of 6 dam meter backs , a reservoir has can to support the water topmost 13,462 million the cubic meter , there is topmost capacity in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations , and 8 worldly ranks , [ , want referable ] , His Majesty the King has gone , shape lays the foundation stone , when , date 24 June , 2504 Buddhist construction Eras at the first stage compose , construction work is dam , the system sends the electricity , and electric power station building , His Majesty the King has gone shape opens a dam , when , on (day) 17 May 2507 an institute where form to upward control the construction , maintain and administrate Bhumipol Dam , when ,  , 2500 Buddhist Eras are the State Enterprises s are known that ,  , " , power Yunhe board " , which , later get gallop total up with the State Enterprises , " , chipping spinning wheel " , and , " , power northeast board " , be , The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand , ( , the The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand is ) , when ,  , 2511 Buddhist Eras have person first governor s are Mr. revel , condemn at ,

khundanphakanchon  dam  , or , originally call that , channel harbour checkpoint dam is concrete dam compresses to grind long most in Thailand and in the world , be in at harbour checkpoint house , stone Tumbol stands , Amphur Mueng , Nakhon Nayok , establish follow royal thought or idea line of His Majesty the King , for store the water in the rainy season in the dry season , and control don't give born home civilian flood , the field and agriculture area in the rainy season , by build cover harbour checkpoint dam originallylow Nakhornnayok land are high class the underground water has level reduction or , the area tilts rather very , make the water floods to are severe in the rainy season , area irrigable area Nakhornnayok part , basically the plain is well-known are high class underground low water then is born a problem lacks the water in dry part season in the rainy season gets back to are born flood problem because of , majority area is the plain where has the a little slope makes the water lets off difficult water chest then flooded to cage for long ago , building dam separates Nakhornnayok waterway while , on then tide delay flood to is severe in the rainy season will by store the water keeps , and conversely ,  , will can store the water will have taken to keep use in the dry season instead of will must confront with the drought

lumphaplang    dam , establish since , year , 2505 Buddhist Eras by irrigate at chain mountain , and public mountain where adjoin house area covers elephant head , the Tumbol crushes , amphur pitches the the flag of victory , Nakhon Ratchasima , for store the water keeps to apply in karma agriculture , and protect the inundation , this dam opens to use when , year , 2510 Buddhist Eras are in the care s of the Royal Irrigation Department , the character of a dam is long lake goes to follow the waterway , from infront a dam about 21 a kilometer , can store the water has arrived at million 320 the cubic meter , and dam north has the boundary takes wide water arrive at 807 a square kilometre , by north dam that lake has two beautiful strips of split bamboo river bank topography has verdant forest is shady , at the beginning how many is a river has channel waterfall ? , bandit leader waterfall , spray pink waterfall , make fire personified dam is tourist highly popular attraction for who want to come to relax , fish , vacate see [ praise ] scenery rim reservoir scenery , and one tourist important attraction of amphur pitches the the flag of victory , and the Nakhon Ratchasima use 304 public number roads ( , fly the city - , pitch the the flag of victory ) , from the Nakhon Ratchasima , reach amphur pitches the the flag of victory goes to about 4 a kilometer , will meet a crossroad , turn to the right enter about 28 a kilometer , will doomed to die do something fire personified dam , which , there is a lodging assures , conference room , and the facilities to a tourist keeps fully , a tourist can rent to take all of the long motor boat goes to dead women who dwelled in the medicine crow forest within a reservoir , tour how many is channel waterfall ? or , a waterfall feeds can jump , by take time go to - , get back to about 3 - 4 hour

ganggajan dam , be earth dam separates the Petchaburi River , at his god area , and he the small bamboo adjoin with ,ganggajan Tumbol , amphur ganggajan , Phetchburi province , be of upstream , of diamond dam goes up to area 27 kilometer roads , 760 dam long meter backs , wide 8 the meter , tall 58 the meter , 106 back dam meter levels , from water sea moderate level , the base when wide most 250 the meter , build finished when , year , 2509 Buddhist Eras are fresh water large-sized lake , convenient for travel relax , islet hand dish dam , stay far from 53 Phetchburi kilometer cities , and far from 3 national ganggajan kilometer park , travel follow one route with national ganggajan park The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand , get consider set up the electric generator that ganggajan dam , by set up the 1 electric generator , 19,000 productivity kilowatt sizes , give the electric energy shares year vacate million 70 the kilowatt hour by have electricity distributor from ganggajan dam goes to still high voltage Chaum station , sporadically 40-41 kilometer ways , begin manage build when , month , November 2514 finish and produce the electricity , when , August

according to from occurrence flood problem in low-lying river forest some area in flood ( waters ) season , and lack the water during summer happens every year regularly , His Majesty the King then give the royal thought or idea gives the Royal Irrigation Department studies the suitability arrives at building dam for solves a problem aforementioned , when , date 19 February , 2532 Buddhist Eras are which , can solve a problem get both of low-lying Chow Phya River area while , below , and Bangkok area and the perimeter as well , until , date 3 May , 2537 Buddhist cabinet Eras have approved open the project s build a dam s store river forest water s just , later suitability education , and the effect has from the environment already [1] , forest some Chonlasit dam takes time to manage build 5 more year , since , date 2 December , 2537 Buddhist Eras arrive at date 30 September , 2542 Buddhist Eras and perform a ceremony the auspicious inauguration store dam water in date 1 June , 2499 Buddhist Eras by His god night Office of the Prime Minister Suda majesty , Siam smokes daughter fungus comes to are the chairman , and in date 7 October , 2541 Buddhist His Majesty the King Eras give dam this noun that ,  , " , forest some Chonlasit dam " , mean , " , pasuksonlasit dam can dam up the water efficiently , "[1] , His Majesty the King , go and His Mrs.god majesty , Her Majesty the Queen the farm , and His god night Office of the Prime Minister Suda majesty , Siam smokes daughter fungus , shape performs a ceremony to open forest some Chonlasit dam in date 25 November , a Buddhist Era is 2542

in year , 2510 Buddhist Royal Irrigation Department Eras have hired adviser company , (ECI) , do the education makes the model scheme , (Master Plan) , of low-lying water palace river goes up , from the education , can summarize that , low-lying development is Wang River , for , completed effective , must build a dam stores the water obstructs the Wang River totals up 2 , be , narrow neck dam is dog , amphur closely cover , and narrow wind dam , in Amphur Mueng Lampang border , by have a pillar will to pick the water in the rainy season , at in low-lying the Wang River has water quantity exceedingly the necessity of the agriculturist , for abate the inundation , and store the water keeps to use in the dry season , which , narrow wind dam all right manage to build finish already since , year , 2515 Buddhist Eras are but , because of , way state topography limitation , and problem effect about builds [ wasp ] the area does the doer of a fungus , narrow wind dam has then can store the water just 112 million , ( minus,erase ) . , secondary education , or , about 19 percentages of water quantity flows down a basin , in standard share all year , make have the water flows to overflow a basin is the a large amount , during the rainy season of every year , with the cause aforementioned then have the necessity will must seek a place stores new water , for meet the demand use side water differs , ++ , in Lampang border is whering multiply to go up , the Royal Irrigation Department has then to consider study the suitability and the effect build [ wasp ] the environment in project narrow neck dog development , which , be the project builds a dam stores location water while , on of narrow wind dam , by manage finished when ,  , 2541 Buddhist cabinet Eras have the conclusion when , on (day) 18 November 2546 approve give begin manage build narrow neck dog project , plan operating year , 2548 - 2553 Buddhist financial amount budget Eras million 3,670.05 whole a baht , by in year , 2547 Buddhist Eras begin to manage prepare the readiness s of the project , finish and can store the water has in year 2551 system pipe part send the water , stay in between operating , suppose finish in year 2557

rasisalhi dam , be a dam in project group modulates Mekong water - , the nun is - , cause , beneath the care is responsible of the Department of Energy Development and Promotion , energy ministry , for do modulating water from the Mekong River , nun river , cause river , come to solve a problem the depletion is in a hurry the water in million 4.98 farm areas in northeast border , by use the budget million hundred thousands 2.28 more a baht , take time manage build 42 more year [1] ,rasisalhi dam , build by the approval of cabinet , when , year , 2532 Buddhist Eras build a dam s obstruct cause river where house mouth brook area , amphur rasisalhi , Si Sa Ket , be ( gum,rubber,tire ) dam picks not exceed river bank water , set up a budget keep 140.97 million a baht , but , there is the administration builds TRUE in between year , 2535 Buddhist Eras arrive at , 2536 Buddhist Eras and build to are reinforced concrete dam , million 871.9 baht budgets replace

numaun dam , be earth dam separates a river , amphur punkcon , Sakon Nakhon , far from a province about 54 a kilometer , begin build when , year , 2510 Buddhist dam Eras build finished , 2517 Buddhist work system Eras send finished water , 2524 Buddhist dam Eras are water , there are 29.50 meter heights , 3,000 dam long meter backs , pick the water has million 520 the cubic meter , apply for cultivating in 185,800 rainy farm seasons , in 63,000 dry farm seasons and help to abate the inundation in the basin of a river

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